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Stress. September 11th 2024

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  • 175 couronnes danoises
  • Frederiksberg Allé

Description du service

Do you know stress? Come and discover how to manage stress with sophrology. A 1-hour discovery session which will allow you to better identify your own stress reaction, and to have adapted tools to react and regain calm. Sophrology, what is it? A gentle psycho-corporal method, it allows you to find calm and balance between body and mind. Inspired by yoga, Japanese Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, it combines breathing exercises, muscle relaxation and positive visualization. In what cases? For the management of stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, preparation for childbirth, exams... Sophrology is in no way a substitute for medical treatment.

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  • Frederiksberg Allé 39A, Frederiksberg, Denmark


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